Escort Istanbul

The major city of Escort Istanbul and all it’s worth

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Hotels in Istanbul 

For anyone journeying for the first time to the magnificent city of Istanbul, taking up lodgings in a relatively unknown city can prove to be a daunting task. There are many scam agencies and below par hotels that advertise one thing and offer you something completely different. Gucci Escort understands that for many of our esteemed clients, the best thing that can help them relax and get rid of that jet lag is our Escort Istanbul. Imagine, just waltzing past the lobby and heading straight for the bed with your petite escort giggling besides you as she rushes to keep up. As soon as you walk into your luxurious suite, you are instantly taken aback as to how amazing it is and immediately start grinding her on that luxurious bed. How does all of that sound to you? Amazing isn’t it? But to make that a reality and ensure that you are treated with the premium care that you deserve, as a tourist you need to make an important decision regarding that hotels that you book in the city. Following are the 20 hotels that will treat you and your Escort Istanbul with utmost care. 

Bosporus Palace Hotel  

This quaint boutique hotel offers its customers 12 rooms are a shared leafy garden and a fast room service that pairs well with your fast escort outcall as well. Not as huge as some of the other hotels mentioned in this list, nonetheless a stay in this 4 star hotel will provide you with many amenities that might peak your interest. You might be interested to know that all that you need is their chic furniture and modern setting to please your Escort Istanbul and have a time of your life.

Pera Palace Hotel 

Providing you and your Escort Istanbul with a neoclassical atmosphere that is to die for, the Pera Palace Hotel is one of the few in this list that offers an old-world vibe around it. Its elegant and tasteful décor is only matched by its many amenities that include but are not limited to toiletries and Wi-Fi facilities and even an in-house spa. As a hotel that was created to cater to the passengers of the Orient Express in 1892, with all of its 115 luxurious rooms, you and your escort with a pretty face is bound to be treated like royalty. 

Neorion Hotel    

It isn’t just Neorion Hotel’s in-house spa that provides you with the best medieval Hammam experience nor their café wherein you can sip the best Turkish meze with your Escort Istanbul that sets them apart from the average hotel. Named famously after the Byzantium’s Golden Horn, will receive a pleasant view as soon as you step foot here. Their exposed brick walls, elaborate and colorful artworks on the wall and a lively atmosphere makes this place appealing. A place surely befitting your elite escort, you will get the best welcome here there is. 

Sumahan on the Water 

Why Sumahan on the Water made into our exceptional list will become evident to you as soon as your eyes first feast with the hotel’s astounding view. Known primarily for its friendly Turkish-American owners, the seaside setting and fresh seafood platter on offer here will make sure that you never go to bed early. Apart from the view of the Bosporus Sea, your Escort Istanbul can make full use of their free Wi-Fi so that the two of you enjoy a nice romantic movie together to spice up the night. 

Tomtom Suites       

Located near the city center and a few minutes’ worth of walk away from the transit center, Tomtom Suites are immensely popular amongst couples who are on their honeymoon. You can as such rest easy and have a wonderful time with our girlfriend experienced escorts in their master bedrooms. Their large and symmetrical windows paint a wonderful picture to the hustle and bustle of the Turkish lifestyle that you were craving to see. All the hours that you spend with our Escort Istanbul here will feel like a dream because of their friendly staff and elegant decorations. 

Inqlusif Hotel at Galata

Outfitted in a fantastic style befitting a lord like you, Inqlusif Hotel at Galata offers you substantially more than just another Turkish retreat. The velvet paintwork and brilliant styled dividers and their large master bedrooms that come with toiletries make sure that you are treated with care and ensure that each time that you make love your Escort Istanbul, you will feel as though you were skimming in the sky. Thinking of free Wi-Fi, you can download a sentimental motion picture and simply lay there with your VIP escort to appreciate whatever the night may offer.     

Georges Hotel Galata

Having a great location, Georges Hotel Galata makes sure that you don’t overspend on your commute to the inner city and provides all of its customers with excellent room service to make sure that you and your Escort Istanbul are treated with care. Coming with bar service to make sure that you are able to unwind and have a great time, their fitness center will make sure that you stay in top physical condition for the duration of your stay. We recommend that you work out with our athletic escorts and then take her to the room to enjoy a sweaty sex that is raunchier than anything you could have possible imagined.

The Kybele Hotel    

Receive a grand welcome and a VIP exit to the city of Istanbul with our airport outcall escort as she is there for you outside the terminal with the Keybele Hotel provided car. The top place to stay if you are looking to find out what the old world Istanbul was like, the entire lobby is sophisticatedly decorated with old lamps, radios and even retro cameras. The rooms however present an interesting picture surely to get your Escort Istanbul warmed up with their traditional beds and large and elegant wardrobes. All air-conditioned and with round the clock service, the rooms here are perfect for you and your company.

Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet   

Set in a luxurious setting, the Ajwa Hotel Sultanahmet is located in the most premier districts of the city. With limitless amenities such as a full-service spa with the famed Turkish Hammam experience, and a leading fitness center that comes with modern equipment you will never run out of things to do in this hotel. Their spacious suites also offer free toiletries and a round the clock room service and a Jacuzzi to make your time spent here with your Escort Istanbul the best and unforgettable. Make sure to stream all your favorite movies with their Wi-Fi facilities.

Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet   

Make sure to plan your stay in the most VIP rooms that Four Seasons Hotel Istanbul at Sultanahmet if you want to experience what true pleasure and amazing treatment feels like. With kitchen in the rooms and a world class gym, make sure that you earn all your treats and are always in shape even after some of the raunchiest nights with our unlimited fun escorts. A friendly vibe and a wonderful atmosphere that is kept intact with their professional staff, this is a treat that your Escort Istanbul surely deserves by your hand.

Hotel Les Ottomans      

With a fantastic business center, you can easily entertain all of your international clients and make sure that you have the perfect plus one in the shape of a luxury escort that Gucci Escort will provide you. Other than that, you have a lot forward to should you choose to call Hotel Les Ottomans your place of stay here in Istanbul. Indoor and outdoor pools, spa, a colorful cocktail bar and a wonderful full service laundry will make sure that you are spoiled beyond means that that the only person that you have to pay attention towards is your Escort Istanbul

Ajia Hotel 

Located on the Asian belt on the Bosporus River, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that Ajia Hotel is perhaps best known for its world class view that you can enjoy from their wonderfully arched windows. This white marbled giant presents a glorious outtake and goes beyond than just being a visual delight. Just spend an erotic session with your Escort Istanbul in their large rooms that are all air conditioned and have LCD TVs sporting cable channels. Their spas, bars and in-house restaurants will make sure that you will never run out of new activities to try with your Gucci Escort provided short escorts.

Raffles Istanbul    

For someone wishing to come to Istanbul to attend their professional matters, Raffles Istanbul is a destination tailor made for your needs. One of the tallest hotels in this list, Raffles offers a wonderful sky view that is as hard to beat as it is breathtaking. A pet friendly environment that comes with perhaps the best Jacuzzi and in-house dining options, this elite hotel is the perfect place to be for both you and your Escort Istanbul. With a free car parking for your rented automobiles, feel free to take a ride around the city with your local escort and give it to your valet worry a care or worry in the world.

The Ritz Carlton, Istanbul 

As a leading name in the luxury hotel industry, The Ritz Carlton is one such 5 star hotel that isn’t afraid of going all out to provide you and your Escort Istanbul with the care and comfort that high-class customers like you deserve. With a long list to amenities that include but aren’t limited to a chic rooftop cocktail bar, a business class lounge and a high-end restaurant you will forget what is out there to start with. Also, staying in one of the hotels of such a large chain also guarantees that you are met with a professional staff.

Wyndham Grand Istanbul Kalamis Marina Hotel  

Coming with flat screen TVs, free Wi-Fi, minibars and coffeemakers the rooms in Wyndham Grand Istanbul Kalamis Marina Hotel go way beyond than just a medium for you to relax. They have their own world in themselves and have rich and tasteful furniture that you will never be bored of fucking on our curvy escorts. With their indoor and outdoor pools and a modern gym with professional equipment, you will be able to make sure that you and your Escort Istanbul remain fit and healthy no matter how much street food you may munch on.

Sirkeci Mansion 

Gucci Escort highly recommends that you take full advantage of the whirlpool baths and feature balconies as you look to make your time spent with our Escort Istanbul memorable. Coming with an elegant chandelier in the lobby, you will be greeted with a pleasing tiled floor that has intricate patterns and with 24 hours room service that caters to all of your needs. Located in a prime and central position on Istanbul’s map, the comfort level in Sirkeci Mansion will reach a whole new level as you enjoy their Turkish baths, pools and spa services with our MILF Escorts.

Boutique Saint Sophia 

The Escort Istanbul that you will get from Gucci Escort deserves only the best care and treatment as these highly recommended escorts are the best themselves. This is why a stay in Boutique Saint Sophia is very important for you. Located mere minutes away from Hagia Sophia, this rich 4 star hotel provides you with marbled bathrooms with designer toiletries and spacious rooms that come with a complimentary breakfast and afternoon high-tea. You can also take advantage from their free Wi-Fi, TV with cable channels and a fantastic room service that makes sure that you receive the ultimate comfort.

Shangri-La Bosphorus, Istanbul

Looking over the Bosporus Strait, this romantic hotel has been serving couples from a very long time. Thus, if you are our customer who wishes to enjoy an erotic time with appropriate setting with our Escort Istanbul, we recommend Shangri-La Bosphorus. Their chic décor and modern furniture creates an elegant ambiance and provides you with a comfortable environment to relax and have a pleasant time. Minibars, coffeemakers Chinese and Mediterranean restaurants and shared lounge with tea will provide you with multiple options to eat and delight yourself. Also, don’t forget to check out their spas.

The St Regis Istanbul  

St Regis offers you with its atrium and a modern library stacked with books where you can take your Escort Istanbul to have fuck her for as long as you want without being disturbed. Set in a modernist building, their suites come with a living and dining room to provide you with the comfort and privacy that you would expect to receive in your home. Their rooftop offers an American restaurant where you can hangout or hop towards their patio if a change in scene is what you are looking for.

The House Hotel Karakoy 

The only hotel in this list that offers a panoramic city view with its deluxe penthouse, House Hotel Karakoy is every man’s dream location that will surely drive your Escort Istanbul wild. Gucci Escort recommends that you opt for their upgraded rooms that provide you with fireplaces, balconies and sitting areas. With many perks that include but aren’t limited to a modern bar, spa, high-end fitness center and restaurant facilities you will never run out of things to do in this magnificent hotel. We certify that getting a golden shower by our online hookers in their marble bathrooms will feel different.

Nightlife in Istanbul 

Nightlife in the city of Istanbul is the pinnacle of enjoyment and relaxation if you want to have a blast and just let loose. As a single man, you might want to make sure that your trip to the city is both eventful and exotic in every way. Why not make sure that this dream becomes a reality when you are with our Escort Istanbul? As a man of peculiar interests, we understand that you may have your own personal preferences and opinions on bars, clubs and red-light districts of the city. Thus, we not only ask our open-minded escorts to not impart their own viewpoints to you unless you specifically request them but also take up the responsibility as a reliable escort agency to provide you with the necessary information on some of the leading bars and clubs of the city. From what each place offers you in terms of music and ambiance to why you must visit it, the following list will provide you with all the knowledge that you need to familiarize yourself with the seen here. Take your Escort Istanbul here once and dance like you have never done so before. 


A famous spot amongst the artists and student communities of Istanbul, Kiki offers a casual and a laid back vibe so that you need to unwind with your Escort Istanbul. Make sure that you spend the entire night over here and dance till the sun comes up to take full advantage of your midnight escorts. Their neon lights and loud music that has an extensive collection of both rock and roll and disco music will make sure that your schoolgirl escort matches every step that you take.

House of Fuzuli  

House of Fuzuli houses some of the most amazing and vibrant nights that you will ever have the exciting opportunity to be a part of. Hosting some of the most prominent DJs that have a reputation of being the best from all over Turkey, this nightclub is as loud and magical as they come. A place to definitely take your Escort Istanbul, make sure that you take multiple shots of their much appreciated beverages that are on offer, make sure to book your place here beforehand as you might not be entertained on a spontaneous visit.


Even though, it is not built on a large premise MiniMüzikhol makes sure that it compensates for its small stature in other ways. A popular host of some of the best musicians and DJs known throughout Turkey, this place offers a nonstop party atmosphere that will have you and your Escort Istanbul dancing like crazy. Gucci Escort recommends that you don’t lose yourself in the bright lights and loud music and try your level best to enjoy and soak up as much as you can with our party escorts


A popular destination for all the aficionados of techno music and loud metal sounds, Klein offers a wild party atmosphere like no nightclub on this list. As such it has become increasingly relevant amongst the youth and will surely delight your juicy ass escort as well. Thus, we highly recommend that you take a trip to Klein with your Escort Istanbul and having a friendly drinking game with her and then proceed to your hotel for a night of ultimate sex. Rest assured all their drinks are of utmost quality and ones that you surely wouldn’t want to miss out on.


If you are in the companionship of our experienced escort, you might be recommended Angie as a must visit place by her. Having an old world vibe that completely different from the other bars mentioned in this list, Angie allows you to experience something exclusive. From its 1980s hit songs that are played over here to the classic touch to the drinks offered, this is the best place if having conversation with your Escort Istanbul besides just dancing till the sun comes up.

Jolly Joker Istanbul

A famous chain of nightclubs that has outlets throughout Turkey, the Jolly Joker is a name that even the most unfamiliar of our customers must have an idea about. Known primarily for hosting some of the wildest concerts in the entire city, a night out here with your beautiful Escort Istanbul will be one that is hard to forget. Their world famous electric atmosphere goes way beyond that just providing you a wonderful night. From professional barmen who will provide you with the best and most tantalizing drinks of your life, you will never feel like stopping as you would dance your heart out with our Turkish Escorts. Make sure that you don’t miss out this place at all! 

Restaurants in Istanbul

No trip is ever completed if you haven’t tasted the food of a city that you have visited for the first time. Cultural food isn’t just something that you can stuff your face with but has more nuances than what an independent escort can ever inform you with. It is its own language and way you can appreciate the controlled chaos around you and your Escort Istanbul. Gucci Escort recommends that you don’t miss out on some of the leading food joints that provide not only an authentic Turkish culinary experience but go way beyond it by making sure that there is a lively atmosphere and a breathtaking view that complements your dishes to ensure that you and your Escort Istanbul is treated with the care and service that you deserve. Make sure that you reserve special time in your itinerary so that you understand why Turkey’s food scene is better than most out there. We guarantee that every visit that you make to the places mentioned below will ensure that you are dished more than just a mere plate of food. You will get the opportunity to taste Turkey itself and will be blown away with what this city has to offer.

Tarihi Sultanahmet Köftecisi Selim Usta

Established as a joint for meatballs (koftay) in the 1920s, Tarihi Sultanahmet Köftecisi Selim Usta has gradually established itself as a leading eatery in the eyes of the general public. A name that is bound to fill your recommendations tab, this diner is the best place that will put a smile on your Escort Istanbul. Make sure that you take a huge chug of a glass of ayran after you are done with your platter.

Canim Cigerim 

Their specialty is liver meat which shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone as Canim Cigerim itself means ‘my liver’. The one thing that you and your hungry Escort Istanbul wouldn’t have to worry about is the portion sizes on offer here, so make sure to fill up in this leading restaurant if you are looking forward to a day of exploration. Also, if the thought of eating liver makes you uneasy, don’t worry! Options such as kebabs, chicken and beef are also available.

Balıkçı Sabahattın

Has your Escort Istanbul requested you to take her out to try a seafood platter and particularly mentioned her craving for fish? If it has gotten your mouth watering, make sure to take your sluts to the Balıkçı Sabahattın to get the best fish in town. Setting up in the latter half of the 1920s, this place has been the top of everyone’s list simply because it does the simplest of things better than most. Also worthy of mentioning is that their lively atmosphere presents a pleasant ambiance that you can enjoy as you take a bite of your delicious meal.

Istanbul Sightseeing 

With the very first breath that you inhale in the streets of Istanbul, we can promise that you will be hit by a symphony of magnificent aroma and a fantastic sight with what the city has to offer to you. Called by many as the capital of the world, Istanbul is increasingly becoming notorious for its multiple sightseeing options and breathtaking views that one can enjoy in the excellent companionship of Escort Istanbul. Gucci Escort understands that for many of our customers who are coming from far off places, the idea of visiting a city that is so different and unique might be unnerving with our Escort Istanbul. Thus, we know that what you need is a trustworthy escort agency to provide you with a starter pack to help you get started on your journey. With its delicious food, rich culture and history, Istanbul is poised perfectly to be your dream destination that you can enjoy in the company of our French Kiss Escorts. So why don’t you devote an entire day and explore the following two places in excruciating detail with our provided all natural escort who will make your trip one that is hard to forget. 

Grand Bazaar

The biggest and most famous street market of Turkey, the Grand Bazaar in Istanbul is the perfect place to go if you want to spend some quality time with your Escort Istanbul and learn about Turkey is all its authenticity. A place that easily sees people in excess of 300,000 on a daily basis, you will easily find all the souvenirs and clothing items that you can take on your way back. Even a simple stroll in the moonlit night here with your erotic dates will be a long lasting memory that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Blue Mosque (Sultan Ahmed Camii)          

A symbol of grander and luxury that attracts tourists from around the globe, the Blue Mosque has become an icon that has become synonymous with Istanbul and its tourism industry as well. The perfect place to enjoy our Escort Istanbul, and take advantage of Gucci Escort and its famous discreet sex services, you can easily take a romantic stroll around its vicinity and take all the photographs that you want. A trip to the gardens that lie in-between the mosque and Aya Sofya is also a must if you want to get a holistic view of what true beauty is.      

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